What nautilife teaches us

Living on a boat teaches us to choose wisely things before taking them on board, from clothes to food.

I know what I am saying now can sound general and far from the topic of plant and animal life but let me be more specific: let’s think of the stuff in our house, things we buy but never use and are piled up in the closet or on the furniture. What happens after some years? We throw them away, producing pollution.

We produce an enormous quantity of rubbish! 

We produce rubbish when we buy ready-made food because we don’t have time to cook, food that comes whit layers and layers of packaging, we fill up our huge fridges, I don’t know what we are really trying to fill up, and then the food goes rotten and has to be thrown away.

This is pollution that ends up with the cycle of rain in the sea.

Living on a boat means dealing with more rational spaces, with no possibility to gather up so, it’s better buying fresh stuff, from the small producer or at the closest shop.

You only use what you need, and notice every piece of rubbish you made because the small space makes it evident.

Unfortunately, we can’t be immune from this mechanism, buying unpackaged stuff is not common, and sometimes the packaging is necessary for hygiene and conservation of some food so, we are in some ways forced to buy them.

Let’s think to the medicine blisters, if you need them you can’t avoid to buy them.

Here is where we need a change of direction, increasing the production of biodegradable packaging.

First advice: don’t accumulate, live only on what you need daily, body and mind will benefit from it because you will go out and move more, and the environment will benefit too because it won’t be overloaded.

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