Living on a boat during the lockdown: you might like it too much!

Armatrice, how is the lockdown when your house is a boat?

I have to admit that I’m lucky, now it’s even better because there’s no one around. I’ve chosen to live on a boat to avoid the hectic life of the city and be surrounded by nature, and now I can savour them even more. Without the cars and with the work activities closed, the only noises are the sound of the waves and the birds pecking on the deck. And there are more fishes in the sea!

Do you have neighbours?

Yes. in this Marina there are 5 or 6 other inhabited boat and some more in the other docks. We are a friendly community, but now we keep social distances.Can you sail?
Unfortunately, now we can’t, we live the dock life and enjoy the sun on the deck.
Ok, let’s go to your choice to live on a boat. What made you reach that decision?
I acted on an impulse: I lived with my parents in a house with a garden, and I knew nothing about sailing. I didn’t even imagine that it was legal to live on a boat. Then I talked to a friend about my desire to move on my own, because I am a musician and photographer, and I need a place where I can cultivate my arts. He is a sailor, and then suddenly threw out the idea of buying a boat, and moving in there. I immediately fell in love and started looking for the right boat.

Did you move straight there alone?

Of course. It was August of 2018, and I was already independent and old enough to do it.
Only two weeks after that illuminating talk I bought Kairos.
I have to confess that, before moving out, I thought I was a bit spoiled and that, at least at the beginning, I could have been affected by the lack of comforts.
I was wrong. It was great from the beginning.
I still remember my first night alone: I slept like never before.
Quickly I felt new, I understood what I was searching for in life and found the answers to all my questions.

Piece of Interview by Marilisa della Massara

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